Social Media for Business – What Channels make sense for my Business?

Over the last few years the palette of social media platforms has grown more and more diverse and colorful. Everyday content is being shared, liked and commented on a rising number of channels. These channels pose a great, cost efficient opportunity to businesses to engage huge audiences and win over new target groups.
A successful placement on social networks has already helped numerous brands and business to big-time breakthroughs.

While maintaining an active presence on social networks is highly advisable for any kind of business, it is definitely worth taking some time up-front researching each platform’s quirks and features to single out the best suited channels for your own brand.

Each platform got its own dynamics, demographics and thematic focuses. Finding the optimal mix for one’s own social media strategy is the key to minimize resources needed while maximizing reach and marketing effects.

To help you find the ideal social media channels for your brand we profiled the currently most attractive platforms in this market.

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Which social media channel is best for your target audience?

Now that the initial stage of the establishment of social media as an information carrier within society seems largely completed, a status quo can be ascertained. The various platforms, with Facebook at the forefront, have established themselves as important sources of information to many people. Read more